Zion I Emerges With “Calm Down” Video Following $90K Oakland Robbery

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OAKLAND, CA – Zion I was in the middle of filming a video for “Calm Down” in July when MC Zumbi and his entourage were robbed at gunpoint. Although the suspects managed to get away with $90,000 worth of camera gear, Zumbi and the rest of the crew were able to walk away with something much more valuable — their lives.

Now, five months after the terrifying ordeal, Zion I is back with the fresh black-and-white visual and a whole new perspective.

“Calm Down is a special project because we as a crew filming it were forced to make good out of a terrible turn of events,” Zumbi tells HipHopDX. “While shooting initially in West Oakland, we were robbed of $90,000 worth of gear, basically the DP’s Red camera. We were faced with the choice of either giving up or finding a way to turn it into positive energy somehow.

“We chose to start a GoFundMe to recoup the deductible for the stolen camera and used the rest of the money to fund an even better video than we had planned for previously.”

Directed by David Telles, the video features four masked men dressed like Donald Trump, Ronald Regan, Abraham Lincoln and Richard Nixon who are chasing several black and Hispanic children on their bikes.

“We changed the narrative to fit more of the feeling of being hunted as a minority in this society,” Zumbi explains. “Unfortunately, the timing is perfect with the current state of affairs. ‘Calm Down’ is an example of allowing the creative process to heal one’s wounds. I am proud of the squad for having the resilience to stand behind this one and keep pushing.”

“Calm Down” is taken from Zion I’s recently released Ritual Mystik album. The nine-track project boasts features from Blu, Oddisee and Omega.

Check out the video above and album below.

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