YoungBoy Never Broke Again Builds Momentum at Second Tour Stop in L.A.

2020-03-09T14:01:36+00:00March 9th, 2020|

Thousands of YoungBoy Never Broke Again fans crowded the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday (March 7), eagerly awaiting to see the second stop of the rapper’s headlining Still Flexin’, Still Steppin’ tour.

Never Broke Again artist Quando Rando opened the night, followed by a lengthy break featuring a DJ set and dancer Famous Dex. Later, Rich the Kid graced the stage, wearing sunglasses and puffing a joint for the duration of his performance.

After a brief intermission, a beaming YoungBoy Never Broke Again was greeted by excited screams from attendees. Decked out in a glow-in-the-dark, black-and-white ensemble and a blue bandana-patterned coat, the rapper launched into “Ten Talk.” A crew of Never Broke Again members (most of whom were also dressed in various black-and-white styles) helped the 20-year-old fill the area as he paced before the packed venue. Famous Dex remained on stage for every song, blending seamless with the NBA squad — including Quando Rando, Ben 10, and three others trailed closely behind — as he danced and hyped the crowd with notable enthusiasm.

Mobile phone camera lights assisted the dim, richly blue-tinted theater in highlighting YoungBoy on the stage, as “FREEDDAWG” came next. By this time, YoungBoy had shed his coat and bounced on the stage’s risers, head tilted back, as he passionately bellowed along to “Carter Son,” the backing track almost inaudible over his voice and the bass. Throughout the entire show, YoungBoy delivered live raps and vocals, rarely relying on the background music.

The stage lighting eventually brightened, shedding the dark, deep blue shade in lieu of a warm yellow. For “Red Eye,” the rapper held court on the stage with fellow NBA member OG 3three, as concert-goers belted the melancholy song’s lyrics with precision. Fans got their first interaction with YoungBoy when he jumped down to the VIP area, leaning towards the crowd and allowing the front row to touch him during “Swerving,” much to the security’s dismay. After the Louisiana native cycled through a few more tracks, including “Slime Mentality” and “Bad Bad,” he paused for a few minutes as a young woman near the front required emergency medical assistance. He appeared concerned as he led the crowd in a “shake back” chant for the fallen fan, before sliding into hit single “Make No Sense.”

As the concert’s tempo picked up and the (seemingly improvised) set list grew more energetic, the NBA squad continued to span the stage, shirtless at this point, as women’s bras were tossed to the rapper. The crew waved the bras around without missing a beat, also brandishing light green bandanas either in their hand or on their head. The energy only dwindled for “Lonely Child,” for which YoungBoy requested everyone “puts [their] lighters up,” as he was joined by the audience in singing every word.

Towards the show’s end, YoungBoy prompted the crowd to chant “R.I.P. Juice WRLD” before diving into the duo’s hit collaboration “Bandit.” Aside from rapping his verses, YoungBoy sang Juice WRLD’s parts, throwing water into the crowd for effect. Almost abruptly, “Knocked Off” rounded off the show, with YoungBoy quickly turning and exiting the stage, entourage in tow, after a brief “thank you” to his fans.

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