Young Thug Challenges Kid Cudi’s Skinny Jeans Godfather Zipper

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Fashion will always be a hot topic in Hip Hop circles, especially now with all the trends and designer clothing taking over the scene. During his visit to Gillie Da King and Wallo’s Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast, Young Thug offered up a hot take on the era of skinny jeans.

Wallo said that Birdman told him Young Thug was the first to wear skinny jeans and the Philadelphia native explained he started wearing skinny jeans after his 20-year stint in prison. Thugger chuckled at the statement, ironically rubbing his hands together before Wallo asked him if he’s really the originator of the infamous fashion trend.

“100 percent,” Young Thug said. “I just always felt like baggy shit, like, I don’t feel right when I have on baggy pants. I just feel like I’m naked. It feels like I’m loose. Your pants big as hell, and back then n-ggas weren’t wearing briefs either. N-ggas had the boxers boxers. You have them big ass pants and those boxers like you feel like you butt ass naked.”


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At the top of the year, another skinny jeans aficionado, Kid Cudi, announced his new clothing would arrive in summer 2021 on Twitter. While engaging with fans on the social app, one person claimed Cudi had “already created skinny jeans” which he agreed to with a retweet.

“No lies here,” Cudi said before explaining the jeans in his new clothing line will be the “ultimate denims.”

It’s a challenging debate for fans siding with Young Thug on this claim. Kid Cudi’s breakout single “Day N Nite” opened the door for emo Hip Hop, and his fashion sense in the video pushed fans away from the Polo’s and Ed Hardy shirts of the mid-’00s and into the skintight era of the 2010s.

Regardless of who fans side with, everyone can agree that both rappers have started trends in the culture with their music and fashion sense.

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