Yes, Nicki Minaj Has Another Pair of Blinged Out Crocs

2021-05-19T12:18:54+00:00May 19th, 2021|

Just one week after Nicki Minaj launched a Crocs craze, the rapper whipped out a fresh new pair.

The star took to Instagram on Tuesday (May 18) to show off a sleek black pair of the comfortable slides, complete with similarly sparkling Jibbitz as with her pink pair earlier this month, that included one with Chanel’s double-C logo. The Nicki Minaj crocs quickly trended on social media and the new ones have inspired similar reactions.

See the picture of Nicki Minaj’s new crocs here. The black Crocs are available to purchase here.

After Minaj shared a snapshot of herself in pink Crocs last week, the photo led to people rushing out to find a pair for themselves — “pink crocs” and “nicki minaj crocs” were breakout searches that day, Google Trends said — and resulted in a 4,900% spike in sales of pink Crocs. The retailer’s website crashed too, according to reports.

“Did you expect Crocs sales to soar after posting your picture?” one fan asked Minaj in a tweet on over the weekend.

“Absolutely TF NOT. LOL,” Minaj hilariously replied. As of this writing, similar pairs to Minaj’s pink and black crocs were still available to buy online at

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