Will Smith Tried to Give Jason Derulo a Golf Lesson and It Did Not End Well

2020-08-11T09:57:35+00:00August 11th, 2020|

Jason Derulo has spent his quarantine refining his TikTok game, posting a series of eye-popping dance videos that have blown minds. So it was about time he invited a fellow star into the fold to share the wealth. Cue Will Smith joining Derulo on Sunday afternoon (Aug. 9) for a bit of indoor golf practice that went horribly awry.

In a short video, Derulo is teeing up a shot when Smith comes over to give him some form tips, with the Bad Boys For Life star ending up on the wrong end of a golf club to the kisser. “Why are you filming,” the singer asks, as Smith explains that in order to get better you need to film your swing and the review it to tweak your form.

“Set it up, Smith says as the “Savage Love” singer gets in position. “Wait, hold on, don’t swing yet,” Smith says as he approaches Jason to give him a last second adjustment. Too late, as Derulo swings and smashes Smith right in the mouth, with the actor moving toward the camera to show off his missing front teeth.

Derulo suggests Will put some ice on his jaw and quickly exits the room as Smith menacingly promises, “It’s my turn. It’s my turn. I only need one swing” before teeing off on Derulo.

Watch the video below.

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