Wet, Wet, Wet: Cardi B Launches Waterproof ‘WAP’ Merch Line

2020-08-26T09:32:03+00:00August 26th, 2020|

Cardi B is making the most of her “WAP” summer, launching a line of waterproof merch to slide off the success of her hit Megan Thee Stallion single. The ode to female sexuality that has become a hot weather anthem — and source of outrage to some on the right — now has its own “Wapstore,” stocked with all your water-repelling needs.

There is, of course, a transparent pink “WAP” raincoat ($125), which also comes in white and black, as well as black and pink “WAP’ umbrellas ($25) and a “WAP” crop biker set ($40) that comes with a nylon spandex bra with the song title airbrushed on the front and bike shorts with the name on the butt, of course. The “WAP” store has plenty of other merch that will make your granny blush at your virtual brunch as well, including a pink crop top with an image of Meg and Cardi wearing nothing but gloves, boots and thongs.

You have every reason to stock on “WAP” swag, after all, since the raunchy anthem is the undisputed breakout hit of the season, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for a second week, becoming the first song to spend its first two weeks at the top of the chart since Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings,” which scored five weeks in a row at No. 1 beginning on Feb. 2, 2019.

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