Watch Tyler, the Creator & A$AP Rocky’s Hilarious, Epic Failure of a Live Chat

2020-03-24T13:00:59+00:00March 24th, 2020|

Hip-hop best buds Tyler, the Creator and A$AP Rocky combated boredom together when they went on Instagram Live over the weekend, but the fun was cut short far too soon.

When the “Boredom” rapper unsuccessfully tried adding Rocky to his IG Live, the A$AP Mob member beat him to the punch and added Tyler on his session, where the two trolled each other for two minutes straight. Tyler arrived onscreen fashionably late while he showed off his outfit in the mirror and proceeded to press the “Fashion Killa” artist about his attire.

“Whatchu wearing?” the Grammy-winning rapper consistently asked. But like most of Tyler’s fans, Rocky was more concerned about the new music he teased on Instagram, which Snoop Dogg, Domo Genesis, Swizz Beatz and Rocky’s illustrious collaborator A$AP Ferg praised in the comments section. “Nah, I’m not big on being the guy who just, like, previews randomly,” Tyler declared to the viewers.

And to Tyler’s dismay, Rocky wasn’t big on being the guy who shows off his outfit this time around. Watch how their very brief IG Live session went down below.

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