Watch Dax Go In on COVID-19 in Hard-Hitting ‘Coronavirus’ Rap

2020-04-16T12:53:52+00:00April 16th, 2020|

Canadian rapper Dax has some harsh words for the COVID-19 virus. A lot of them, actually.

The “Killshot Freestyle” MC released the hard-hitting track “Coronavirus (State of Emergency)” on Tuesday, a bouncy three-minute banger that offers up some helpful advice while also calling out all the fools who are hoarding toilet paper and partying down on spring break.

“This quarantine got me feeling like I’m locked in a prison/ I got coffins (coughings) for these beats they better stay at a distance/ Went Costco for some tissue they said 2 was the limit/ I saw a granny try to grab ’em/ I had to fight her to get it,” the song begins, followed by lyrics about the lack of supplies and people glued to their phones for updates.

Dax reminds people to stay out of his face if they don’t have a mask on, pines for the days when Corona was just a beer and not a “manmade virus” and when getting sick didn’t send us into a panic when we coughed or sneezed. “Only option is to pray/ If you don’t want to be six feet under stay six away/ Stay home, hide ya kids, wash ya hands, be safe/ It’s like a Greyhound bus and it’s stopping in every state,” he raps before tearing into “stupid kids” whooping it up on spring break.

The song also hits on how the pandemic has spread across the globe and how it destroys your lungs while lashing out at the discrimination some people of Asian descent have suffered. “Forgetting that the problem stems from something we can’t grasp/ Before you yell ‘conspiracy,’ before you tweet at Donald like it’s really gonna fix the situation/ But you have no validity, before the stocks plummet, before every industry realizes that its workers who slave actually run it,” he says.

The final message is simple: “We’re all part of the remedy/ We’re on the same team and corona is the enemy.”

Listen to “Coronavirus” below.

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