Watch Cardi B & Mickey Guyton Have an Udderly Wild Time Milking a Cow

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Cardi B and Mickey Guyton shared a new collaboration Thursday (Feb. 11), and it has nothing to do with music: The duo milked a cow together for the latest episode of the Facebook Messenger video series Cardi Tries.

The Grammy-winning rapper and Grammy-nominated country singer linked up at Zorthian Ranch in Altadena, Calif., for the “Cardi Tries Ranching” episode. Since Offset is not onboard with building a farm on their massive Atlanta property because “horse sh– stink,” the “Up” rapper enlisted the Texas-born singer to show her the ropes, so she could come back to her husband with a more convincing argument.

“No, no, I can’t teach you!” Guyton exclaimed. “I am from Texas, but that doesn’t mean that I know how to be a ranch hand!”

But some aspects of ranching weren’t completely foreign to the two moms, who discussed the similarities between milking a cow and breastfeeding. Cardi got down and dirty while learning how to properly milk a cow, while Guyton came in with the assist by holding the cow’s trail so it didn’t smack the “WAP” rapper in the face.

Cardi’s other farming discoveries that she’ll report back to Offset include how riding a horse is like driving a car, sheep’s poop smells worse than horse’s, shearing sheep requires a lot of strength, and pig slop is way more appetizing to pigs than humans.

“@iamcardib is such a sweet human. Thank you for being so kind to me and my baby bump,” the “Black Like Me” singer wrote on Twitter. “Me and the ranch life just don’t really click, but I love these animals so much.”

Watch the latest episode of Cardi Tries here.

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