Wack 100 Says Nipsey Hussle Wasn’t A Legend: ‘Let’s Keep It Real’

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Los Angeles, CA – It’s been roughly nine months since Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in front of his Marathon Clothing store by alleged shooter Eric Holder. Despite his absence, his legacy lives on — but not everybody is exactly singing his praises.

On Saturday (November 30), TMZ caught Wack 100 outside of The Game’s 40th birthday celebration. The veteran music manager has been extremely vocal about his feelings toward the late rapper.

This time, he was confronted about his client Blueface and their claims Neighborhood Nip wasn’t a legend.

“He wasn’t,” Wack says matter-of-factly. “What’s a legend? Define a legend. Let’s keep it real. If Dr. Dre died right now, we’d say we lost a legend, right? Based upon what? Numbers, right? Body of work, right? How many albums did Nipsey drop? One album, right? This not no personal shit. This is real shit.

“The man died with a million followers. No radio hits. No platinum hits. No world tours. After he died, he went platinum, sold a bunch of records, followers went up nine, 10 million. First of all, we gotta define what a fucking legend is and what it fucking ain’t. Was he on his way? I think within time, yes he would have been. At the time of his demise … let’s keep it real. The truth can’t be defined as disrespect. If it is, that means you lyin’ to you muthafuckin’ self.”

Last month, Wack was forced to apologize for his controversial comments about Nip. In a leaked audio clip, Wack appeared to defend Holder and cite gang conduct as justification for the shooting.

“Shitty Cuz, the alleged gunman, when it comes to the rules of engagement of gang banging, he did what he was supposed to do when another gang banger calls you a faggot, a pedophile or a snitch,” Wack said. “You supposed to handle your business. And can’t nobody say that’s wrong.”

After the clip went viral, Wack said he received a phone call from Nipsey’s former manager, Eugene “Big U” Henley, who encouraged Wack to apologize.


However, those sentiments didn’t last long. In a follow-up interview with the No Jumper podcast, he doubled down on his original comments and labeled the Nipsey love “fake.”

“Every culture is different, and in that jungle the rules change,” he said around the 38-minute mark. “Now, are the rules irrational? Damn right. Are they right? Probably not, but these are the rules of this jungle. It’s been like that 50, 60 years. In this jungle, everybody is not for everything. Everybody is not the shooter, everybody not the fighter, some are the hustlers.”

Revisit the interview below.

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