Vic Mensa Responds To XXXTENTACION Controversy With New Song “Empathy”

2018-10-18T10:56:50+00:00October 18th, 2018|

Vic Mensa has chosen to address the backlash to his XXXTENTACION diss in the 2018 BET Hip Hop Awards cyphers again. This time, the outspoken MC does so with a song titled “Empathy.”

“In response to all the controversy… Empathy,” he wrote on Twitter.

The track responds to criticism that Mensa is a hypocrite for calling out X’s alleged domestic abuse when he admitted to choking an ex-girlfriend on 2016’s “There’s Alot Going On.”

“They say you shouldn’t cast stones from a glass home/The whole world wanna see me fall, but I stand strong/I say what’s right, but they don’t hear me ’cause my past wrongs,” Mensa spits on “Empathy.”

Over the course of the song’s lone verse, the Roc Nation artist reveals his ex forgives — but doesn’t forget — the incident. He also notes his “good intentions turn into bad press.”

Later, he raps, “I fucked up, admit that I fucked up/But I ain’t do that though, so I wouldn’t judge but/I sound like an asshole, holding my nuts up.”

Listen to “Empathy” above and check out Mensa’s censored cypher below.

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