U-God Says RZA’s Production Was Wack After “Wu-Tang Forever” (Among Other Shots)

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Fresh off the release of their Showtime documentary, Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics and Men, founding member U-God reveals how he and the Clan (allegedly) felt about the production beyond their Wu-Tang Forever project.

In an interview with VladTV, U-God reveals he and Wu-Tang Clan felt RZA’s production was lackluster.

“After Forever, we was always complaining about the music internally,” he explained. “It just wasn’t strong enough. It wasn’t powerful enough. It wasn’t big enough. And RZA still wanted to put out records under that wack production.”

To put that in perspective, Wu-Tang Forever was only the second out of seven released projects by the Clan (not including the most recent Of Mics & Men EP). U-God also opens up about how Wu-Tang vented their frustrations in feeling the recording process was extremely rushed.

When asked about why the quick turnover of projects from The W to Iron Flag, U-God got flippant saying, “Get that fucking dude RZA in here and ask him all that sucker shit, please! Ask his monkey ass the shit!”

As of as late 2016, U-God was embattled in a $2.5 million lawsuit with RZA and the Wu. While there’s no update on the lawsuit, the crew was seen performing all together at NPR Music’s Tiny Desk series late in 2018.

It’s also worth noting U-God was the only member of the Wu-Tang not on their 2017 album, The Saga Continues.

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