Tyler, the Creator Couldn’t Care Less About GOLF Store Damage During L.A. George Floyd Protests

2020-06-02T12:10:18+00:00June 2nd, 2020|

Between his fan-favorite GOLF store getting damaged during the Los Angeles, Calif. protests and the four white cops who murdered an innocent Black man named George Floyd last week in Minnesota, Tyler, the Creator is only condemning one of these acts.

Graffiti marked up the local rapper’s avant-garde flagship store located on 350 N Fairfax Ave. while protesters took to the streets over the weekend to remember Floyd, one of them being Tyler himself, as a Twitter user pointed out yesterday (May 31).

The IGOR superstar posted on his Golf Wang clothing brand’s Instagram account yesterday about “BLACK FURY,” a pivotal concept to the 1960s Black Panther Party. “BLACK FURY: keep your eyes wide and educate yourself. ( black panther party, 1969),” he wrote for the caption, followed by the comment, “and the store is fine, but even if it wasnt, this is bigger than getting some glass fixed and buffing spray paint off, understand what really needs to be fixed out here. stay safe, love.”

Some fans took to Twitter to express their outrage at the vandalism of a store owned by a Black artist but understood how the Grammy award-winning rapper valued the safety of the protesters and the reason behind the protests over the condition of his store.

Check out Tyler’s full statement below.

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