The Weeknd Goes On Las Vegas Bender In “Heartless” Video

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The Weeknd enjoys a night of Las Vegas debauchery in the video for his new single “Heartless” produced by Metro Boomin and Illangelo. Young Metro joins the star singer for some wild partying in the visuals directed by Anton Tammi.

Weeknd’s Vegas escapades see him gambling, drinking, smoking and even licking a toad during a bender that would probably impress the characters from The Hangover. The “Heartless” video arrives just a few days after Weeknd officially dropped his “Blinding Lights” track, which was recently featured in a Mercedez-Benz ad.

Watch Weeknd’s “Heartless” video above.

The Weeknd is back with a new single titled “Heartless.” After hyping up the start of a “brain melting psychotic chapter” on social media, the diamond-selling singer dropped his Metro Boomin and Illangelo-produced track ahead of Thanksgiving.

Weeknd’s first solo single of 2019 features him detailing his callous ways before having a moment of reflection on the song’s bridge.

“I lost my heart and my mind/I try to always do right/I thought I lost you this time/You just came back in my life/You never gave up on me/I’ll never know what you see/I don’t do well when alone/You hear it clear in my tone,” he sings.

“Heartless” is just the beginning of what’s to come from Weeknd as he’s also got another single, “Blinding Lights,” on the way. A snippet of the track can be heard in a Mercedes-Benz ad released earlier this week.

Listen to Weeknd’s “Heartless” above and preview “Blinding Lights” below.

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