The Great by Ghost The Incredible

2019-04-22T11:35:57+00:00April 22nd, 2019|

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This is a tribute to a great inspiration to so many. – Nipsey Hussle – We can all learn from his life. He always gave back.

I Signed To Knapp Records LLC In 2019. I’ve Had A Love Of Music And Lyrical Content Since My Youth. I Want To Inspire The World To Create And Stay At The Grind Until You’ve Reached Your Goals. It’s Your Life To Live. Ghost The Incredible 2019 – Knapp Records LLC

Through Lyrics Telling Stories Of Life And Making It Through The Good And Bad. Its A Game. Its A Struggle. Want To Encourage Everyone We Can Win At This Game If You Hustle And Grind At Your Craft And What You Love. Ghost The Incredible 2019 Knapp Records LLC

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