The Goat: Nick Cannon Says He’s Better Than Drake, Lil Wayne, Will Smith & André 3000

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Nick Cannon has made a bold claim that puts him at the top of the Hip Hop food chain. During a recent interview for The Red Pill Podcast with Van Lathan, the Wild ‘N Out host claimed he’s a better rapper than Will Smith, Drake, Lil Wayne and André 3000.

“Absolutely, I am a better rapper than Will Smith and Will Smith is pretty damn good,” he said. “I feel like I’m better than 90 percent of the rappers out there. I freestyle so well that I don’t even do it no more.”

Later he added, “I would call Lil Wayne one of the greatest, Drake one of the greatest, André 3000 but you put those cats in a battle forum going back-and-forth and they not going to be able to do it.”

On Tuesday (October 23), Cannon addressed the comments he made on his Instagram page and confessed he was simply trolling — at least when it came to Smith.

“Only way to get @WillSmith on @MTVWildnout Troll the Goat! Taunt the Beast! @VanLathan Great podcast King! We actually talked about some real shit too! LOL.”

In a recent Soulful Sundays episode, Cannon praised The Fresh Prince and talked about the impact Smith had on him early in his career.

Watch the clip up top and revisit Soulful Sundays below.

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