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The Game has offered to shoot the fade with Suge Knight and Wack 100, warning them it’s “on sight.”

Wack 100 took to Instagram on Sunday (February 19) to call out Suge Knight for being a “failure,” before claiming that the Death Row Records co-founder’s son doesn’t actually belong to him.

“2002-2016 the release & return,” he wrote. “Suge Knight u can’t give me no advice. You accomplished failure. U own no mastered no real estate of real value. Only thing u can own is ur stupidity.”

Wack added in his caption: “1991-1997 What was gained was ‘ALL’ loss. Freedom , wealth & some peoples life…. I suggest u keep my name out ya mouth before I start to talk about who’s ‘Jr.’ that really is …. You’ve been warned.”

The Game then took to the comments section to threaten his manager, Wack 100, as well as Suge Knight.

“I’ll take the head up fade with both you n-ggas on sight,” he wrote.


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It’s unclear what prompted Wack 100’s social media post, but a recording of a Clubhouse conversation was posted to YouTube on Sunday, in which he allegedly dissed Suge Knight and 2Pac, and “exposed Suge Knight’s son not being really his.”

Following Wack 100’s post, Suge Knight’s son took to Instagram to seemingly respond to his comments.

“The Old Lil Man only talking cause it’s going downhill for him,” he wrote in an Instagram Story. “But that’s how these [clowns] survive out here. They lie and try to bring people down with them.

“Just get to work instead of bullshit. I’m all about moving up the right way. Exploitation isn’t the only way to make it and you don’t have to talk down on anyone to move up.”

He added: “Stop talking and work on something respectable #OKE.”


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During an interview with Akademiks in November 2021, Wack 100 said Suge Knight blames him for his 28-year prison sentence.

“Now, let’s be real, and I’mma speak on it ’cause he’s been speaking,” he said at the time. “And I don’t respect him at all no more. Zero. You can’t respect a man … I paid for this man’s mama’s funeral.

“I sent a muthafuckin’ wire at a time when we wasn’t even talkin’ and gettin’ along. But out of our respect, because he was who he was and opened a few doors for me.

“For me to hear recordings of this man saying I’m the reason why he got 28 years, like I’m the muthafucka that was driving the truck, is crazy.”

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