The Clipse Premiere New Song During Louis Vuitton Fashion Show in Paris

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The brothers also premiered new music during the LV S/S 2024 Men’s Collection show last year.

Pharrell unveiled his latest Spring/Summer 2025 Men’s Collection for Louis Vuitton earlier Tuesday (June 18) during Paris Fashion Week, and for the second year in a row, a new Clipse song made its debut.

Around the 40-minute mark, haunting piano keys started to play for about a two minutes before you can hear John Legend‘s voice as he sings, “The birds don’t sing.”

You then hear Pusha T rapping about his mother Mildred Thornton dying in November 2021, and the bars are heart-wrenching. “Lost in emotion, mama’s youngest/ Tryna navigate life without my compass/ Some experience death and feel numbness/ But not me, I felt it all and couldn’t function.”

His brother No Malice handles the second verse and it focuses on their father Elliott Thornton Sr., who died in March 2022. “Your car was in the driveway, I knew that you were home/ By the third knock, a chill ran through my bones/ The way you miss mama, I guess I should’ve known/ Chivalry ain’t dead, you ain’t let her go alone,” he raps as he paints the picture of when he found his father’s body.

Last year, the duo premiered a new song as well, and it sent the rap community in a frenzy for its subliminal bars aimed at Jim Jones, who boldly claimed that Push isn’t a top 50 rapper of all time.

Billboard reached out to Pusha’s reps for more information, and while they weren’t willing to share any just yet, they did confirm that what we heard was a new Clipse record. “No details to share right now, other than that it is indeed new Clipse that played during the show,” they told us in a statement.

Keep it locked here as more information comes out this rumored project they supposedly got cooking up.

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