Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Ex Doesn’t Believe His Ways Will Change: ‘He’s Still Gonna Be Evil”

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New York, NY – Tekashi 6ix9ine’s former girlfriend and mother of his child Sara Molina hit up Instagram Live on Thursday (December 12) to address the seemingly remorseful letter he wrote to Judge Paul A. Engelmayer asking for leniency.

During the session, she insists she never slept with members of Tr3way despite 6ix9ine’s assertion in the letter that she did.

“The letter is messed up,” she says. “My thing is, I’ve only retaliated in defense to things I had to defend myself against that was put out about me. We’re a whole year later and out of the many things, you choose to still run with that shit to justify ’cause you feel like that would be your only justification about saying something as stupid as that.

“Because it is fucking stupid. Like, ‘I am so sorry, I am a role model, blah blah, but this is what they did to me.’ Like, you really taking half-ass accountability. That shit is corny.”

From there, Molina appears convinced prison hasn’t affected 6ix9ine at all. She says she has direct knowledge he’s planning a massive party to celebrate his release.

“You’re not a changed person,” she continues. “You’re still a narcissist. The fact that people are still like, ‘Oh, but that’s your child’s father.’ I’ve been mad calm. I’ve been going through mad shit and handling certain shit. Like why mention me? There’s so much shit I hold back that I could really shit on this nigga. He’s stupid because he forgets that people close to him still be opening their mouths to people close to me.”

She adds, “His favorite thing is to shit on people,” she said. “He’s not taking any accountability … He’s still gonna be evil. He’s still gonna cheat. He’s still gonna be a nasty person.”

Later, Molina claims 6ix9ine physically abused her for seven years and says one particular incident in Dubai was especially nasty. She provided texts between herself and his former bodyguard Shadow.

“Thank you shadow,” she wrote at the time. “If I didn’t run to you or feel like you were around, I thought I was going to die. he beat me every day, forced me to have sex after and didn’t let me leave the room. I never apologized for banging on your door but I saw it as my only chance. I was scared for my life.”

6ix9ine’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for next Wednesday (December 18). Due to his cooperation with the feds, he could be out of prison as early as the top of 2020.

Watch the entire Instagram Live session above.

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