Tekashi 6ix9ine Says He Jumped Out Moving Car To Escape Alleged Kidnappers

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NEW YORK, NY – Tekashi 6ix9ine was a recent guest on The Angie Martiez Show, where he opened up about a myriad of topics, including his upbringing, selling drugs and his multiple trips to Rikers Island.

When the subject of his alleged kidnapping and robbery came up, the rainbow loving rapper went into acute detail and tells Martinez he had to jump from a moving car to escape from his captors. According to 6ix9ine, in the wee hours of Sunday morning (July 22), a vehicle he was riding in was smashed from behind. His assistant Jorge got out of the car to see if the other driver was alright. That’s when it all went down.

“My face almost hit the dashboard,” he says. “In no more than 30 seconds, I’m looking in the side mirror, all I see is this dude creeping up but I see the gun in his hand. I freeze. My whole heart just went to my stomach. I’m like, ‘They got me.’ Like, this could go left right now. I see the dude coming, I just freeze. When I froze, the door swung open. I have nothing on.

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“Then they go to the backseat and they like where’s your man’s at? I’m like it’s just me. Nothing else. I just went black. I saw a muzzle, a flash, I’m gone. I end up in the back of car, making so many stops. This probably lasted one minute and a half, maybe two minutes. It felt like three hours. I have a phone and a debit card.”

In his mind, 6ix9ine says he was struggling to figure out how to appease his captors when he didn’t have any jewelry on him.

“They obviously want something that I don’t have right now and I’m trying to avoid going to the house,” he says. “It was to the point where it was my life or something. It came to that point. Like where are we going? Is this the place where I die? Then we’d keep driving. Is this the place where I did? We keep driving.

“I’m talking to God, thinking about the whole X situation. Like, do I really want to lose my life? Is jewelry, money more important than seeing my daughter graduate from kindergarten … I say I got some jewelry at my house and remember, nobody knows where I live.

“By the time they let me come back up, ’cause they wasn’t letting me see anything, I’m in front of my house. What does that tell you? I’m telling you no one knows where I live. When I come out, it’s like secret service. Like no one knows but my niggas. I know it came from the inside.

Finally, he says he was able to throw himself out of the car into oncoming traffic. “I’m the fasted man in the world,” he says. “I feel like I’m mad fast. They was not catching me.”

Elsewhere in the interview, 6ix9ine touches on his sex crime conviction. In 2015, he was found guilty of using a minor in a sex act, something he says he regrets.

“I have remorse for that because I have a daughter,” he says. “It was one of those moments that you could just dwell on. At the time it was happening, you’re just there and the next day you’re in handcuffs at Rikers Island. She was 13 and I was 17. I turned 18 that year.

“I was scared. My bail was $100,000. I didn’t have $1,000. I had a legal aid attorney, a lawyer that was handed to me. the first number they threw at me was 15 years. I said, Listen … I have a fucking kid. Am I not supposed to defend myself?”

6ix9ine goes on to reference his viral interview with The Breakfast Club and explained he felt he was being bashed the whole time by three grown adults.

Later, he talks about XXXTENTACION, Nicki Minaj, Vic Mensa and the upcoming NICKIHNDRXX Tour.

Watch the full interview above.

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