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Symba has tapped into his philanthropic side and gifted 100 laptops to local Nigerian students during his recent pilgrimage to Africa.
On Tuesday (April 25), the Results Take Time lyricist uploaded footage to his Instagram Story of laptops being unwrapped by administrators at a school in the city of Lagos while the students waited patiently to receive their own device.

The children also received black T-shirts with Symba’s face on them and African colors.

Check out videos of his generous act below:

The Bay Area native has been documenting various aspects of his trip since announcing on Instagram that he was “headed home” on Thursday (April 13).

In the footage and pictures Symba has posted, he’s filmed a music video over there with a local artist, hung out with Nigerian locals (including his own son in tow), and given out more free merchandise.

Symba captioned one post by saying: “You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the world through another man’s lens [Nigerian emoji flag] [Lion’s head emoji].”

In another post, he wrote: “Do everything with a good heart and expect nothing in return, and you will never be disappointed [Lion’s head], Nigerian has been a humbling experience [heart emoji][Nigerian flag emoji].”

Alongside his recent pilgrimage to Africa, Symba is also working on solidifying his love life with a recent shot attempt at Melyssa Ford, telling the video vixen-turned-podcaster to her face that he’s been a fan of hers for a while.

The “Ain’t Sayin Shit” rapper stopped by The Joe Budden Podcast for a lengthy interview earlier this month, and took a moment to make his feelings known to Ford, who co-hosts the show.

“She don’t know me, but I’m a real fan of her,” Symba said during the episode. “Oh, thank you,” Ford replied sweetly, before Symba continued showering her with compliments, eventually making her a cheeky offer.

“Not even just from being here. From her Hollywood Unlocked days, from your earlier career,” he added. “And I heard you been looking for a young boy to take you out and run around the city.”

While the clip didn’t show Ford’s full response, it did capture the gobsmacked expression on her face as Joe Budden and the rest of her co-hosts reveled in Symba’s advances.

On the music side, the buzzing rapper dropped off his latest project DJ Drama Presents: Results Take Time last September, which features appearances from Pusha T, 2 Chainz, Roddy Ricch, Key Glock and more.

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