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Sukihana has become the latest target of vlogger Tasha K, who has accused the rapper of assaulting Boosie Badazz’s dog by twerking on it.

A video posted to Tasha’s Instagram account on Tuesday (July 4) seemingly shows the “Eating” rapper twerking on Boosie’s dog, who is named after GloRilla. Tasha tagged PETA in her post and said they needed to come and save the Baton Rouge rapper’s pet.

“@peta a better angle.. her page is #sukihana and the dog is located at #BoosieEstates!” she captioned the clip, which was filmed on September 25, 2022.

Tasha followed it up with another post containing a screenshot of Sukihana appearing to twerk on a young boy.

“So 10 year olds eating your butt & wanna switch??” Tasha wrote. “On to the s*x offenders register you go! I’m in the business of saving children, women, & forests from leaking over stuffed BBL’s & #HoCulture Music!!! Jesus I done relasped from my Anger Management Program!!!”

In a separate post, the controversial vlogger described Suki’s behavior as “assaulting kids & dogs.”


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Sukihana inevitably responded to the incendiary accusations, claiming Tasha K was just mad because she’s unable to pay the court-ordered $4 million she owes Cardi B over her defamation lawsuit.

“The only reason she telling everybody she broke is ’cause she don’t want nobody to say it before she say it, but bitch I’m gonna keep saying it because bitch you don’t like it,” Suki said in an Instagram video.

“You don’t like owing Cardi girl…you hate Latinos, she hate Spanish now. She hate Tacos and she had bread bean stew, she hate Mexicans, she hate Tekashi, she hate Selena, she hate everything! She hate Nickelodeon…Bitch you hate Dora The Explorer, ho! She mad at everything…She mad at everything Spanish.”

She continued by firing off a plethora of insults, saying Tasha will “never” be as successful as Wendy Williams and accused her of having a botched botox job since she never goes on Instagram Live and is “always hiding.” She also said that she looks like a whale and is sick of “the anatomy” of her husband’s face.

“We never see you, and when you thought it was funny to make yourself look dirty and old and sick acting like Boosie, you ain’t have to put no make up on because bitch, you look just like him already. You’re a man,” she continued.

Watch her response below:

The heated exchanges have been going on for a few days now, with Tasha having previously targeted both SexyyRed and Sukihana on social media earlier this week.

“I can’t believe that in #HoCultureMusic, #SexyyRed would ever outsell over #Suki, who’s been drinking bodily fluids on camera way longer than Red!” the contentious vlogger tweeted earlier this week. “Is Suki too old? Out of touch? A #NickiFeature is a big deal, y’all think that if she didn’t do that cameo with #FlyLikeABird she would be much further? Why didn’t #FlyLikeABird jump on a song with #Suki?”

Suki also responded to these insults, writing: “I cried about this yesterday, but I prayed and today I spent time with my kids before hopping on a flight to do shows all weekend. I’m thankful I can provide for my children, I remember having $5 in my pocket while pregnant with two children. Everyone has their time.”

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