Suicidal thought (feat. me’kel) by Mikeaveli

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The Fifth Cord Ep is a collection of songs made from the innermost thoughts of Smalls10k, Me’kel, and Mikeaveli. Strictly following the 7 day theory of “The Don Killuminati”, meaning each song on the album was produced, written & mastered in just 7 days. The melody’s in The Fifth Cord come from the soundtrack of a 1970s thriller about serial killer who manages to stay One Step Ahead of police tactics to catch him. When the first sample was took from the soundtrack (titled “Giornata nera per l’Ariete l”) the melody that was produced gave an unsettling and almost unholy vibe. The three of us that sat in the room began to tear up simultaneously. Due to the overwhelming vibrant sounds that were produced we decided to google translate the title of the sample took to make it. It came back as “A Black Day For Aries”, Michaelveli being the only Aries took it upon himself to google what a black day was, finding out it was a holiday in France on his birthday. We ended up stumbling across the actual film and the soundtrack which had exactly 12 songs perfect for samples, the exact amount Mikeaveli had wanted for his first Ep since we started years ago. The Fifth Cord Ep portrays the story of Mikeaveli, the main artist across the whole album. He is telling his story from the deepest pits of depression and how ascended into the light, forgiveness & happiness. If you’re in a dark place, listen to this album carefully. We did not create this album, this album was handed to us by a supernatural dimension. This is what creation is crying to hear. Enjoy.

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