Steve Harvey Drops “Fuck Pusha T” Freestyle On “Family Feud” Set

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Host Steve Harvey went on quite the diatribe while filming a recent episode of Family Feud. In a video clip, the longtime comedian starts laying into Pusha T after it was brought to his attention the G.O.O.D. Music President dissed him on “The Story Of Adidon.”

“Monkey-suit Dennis, you parade him/A Steve Harvey-suit nigga made him/Confused, always felt you weren’t Black enough/Afraid to grow it ’cause your ‘fro wouldn’t nap enough,” Pusha spit.

Harvey evidently wasn’t bothered and assures his audience he doesn’t care about what people think of him.

“Do you know how that don’t move the needle in my life?” he says. “Do you think I care what a rapper thinks of me? A rapper, dawg? I don’t give a shit what a singer thinks of me. I don’t really give a fuck what a politician thinks of me.”

Harvey then quotes the controversial televangelist Joel Osteen. “People’s opinions of you are none of your business, nor should you make it yours,” he says.

From there, he starts bagging on Pusha — or as he calls him — PUSHER T.

“Who the fuck is that?” he says. “‘Pusha T cracked on you in a rap song.’ Well, fuck Pusha T … Who is this broke ass boy? Where he come from? Pusha T don’t help me with none of my bills. Don’t send none of my kids through school. Pusha T don’t answer my prayers. Pusha T don’t give me health. Pusha T. Who the fuck is Pusha T?”

To cap it off, Harvey spits a freestyle aimed at Pusha.

This isn’t the first time Harvey has set his sights on rappers. In an old Kings Of Comedy routine, he explains why “stank ass rappers” make him sick.

“Everybody on the god damn stage got a mic,” he says. “Forty muthafuckin’ people. All of ’em got a mic. Muthafucka, why? We can’t even understand what one of your ass is sayin’. How you gonna give everybody a god damn mic?”

Watch his latest rant up top.

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