Soulja Boy Released From Jail: “I’m Not Going Out Like 6ix9ine!”

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VAN NUYS, CA – Soulja Boy is out of jail after being taken into custody on Friday morning (March 15). According to TMZ, he was released on his own recognizance after a court appearance.

In an Instagram Live video, Young Drako was clearly angry following his release and went on an extended rant about his short time behind bars. He ultimately wound up laughing about it toward the end.

“Jail tags and all that … no jury, no nothing,” he begins. “What the fuck you talkin’ bout? I’m out! The fuck you talkin’ bout? I’m out! I just got out of jail right now. The fuck you talkin bout? And I’m performing at the mothafuckin Clippers game so be there at the mothafuckin’ Clippers game … This shit ain’t gonna stop, bro.

“Y’all got me fucked up. I had the biggest comeback of 2019. They try to lock me up and hate on me. Y’all got me fucked up. No jewelry. No chain … I just got out jail right now. I was in the county. My partner pulled up on me … Big Drako. I’m out of jail! This shit ain’t gonna stop … I’m not going out like 6ix9ine. Bro, you got me fucked up! You got me fucked up [laughs].”

Soulja was taken into custody when he showed up at his probation officer’s building in the San Fernando Valley. Police greeted him as he arrived after discovering ammunition in his home last month, a violation of his probation.

The “Crank Dat” vet is scheduled to perform at The Staples Center during the halftime show when the L.A. Clippers take on the Chicago Bulls.

Soulja Boy reportedly walked right into handcuffs on Friday morning (March 15) when he went to see his probation officer in the San Fernando Valley. According to TMZ, police were waiting for him when he arrived.

Young Drako has been on probation for the past eight years and as part of the judge’s conditions, he isn’t allowed to possess any firearms or ammunition. In 2016, police paid Soulja a visit after he threatened people online.

During a search of his home, cops found at least one weapon, a clear violation of Soulja’s probation. A judge then extended his probation but reiterated he can’t own any weapons.

Last month, a woman claimed Soulja held her hostage in his garage for six hours, which he says is “100 percent fabricated.” But as a result, police once again descended on his home where they discovered ammunition, another probation violation.

Knowing he had a scheduled meeting with his probation officer on Friday morning, cops made their move.

Soulja is currently being held at a Van Nuys jail. He’s expected in court soon. It’s unclear if he’ll make his performance at the Clippers game later tonight.

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