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Snoop Dogg has teased a potential NHL collaboration with Death Row Records and was spotted wearing a custom-made pair of sweatpants embroidered with the Ottawa Senators logo.

The West Coast legend has been pushing for ownership of the NHL team since last month, when it was revealed he was in a bidding war amongst numerous potential owners that included actor Ryan Reynolds.

First reported by The Athletic, Snoop has sought to become the NHL’s first Black owner with the Senators’ purchase. Ryan Reynolds’ group allegedly includes a bid north of $1billion, and The Weeknd would come along as part of the team as well.

Snoop confirmed the news and voiced his hope to grow the game of hockey within the Black community. “Amazing what @neko_sparks is trying to do in Ottawa & I’m looking forward to being apart of that ownership team,” he wrote to Instagram at the time. “I WANNA BRING HOCKEY TO OUR COMMUNITY.”

It appears Snoop may be en route to fulfill this dream, as the embroidered sweatpants posted to his Instagram on Tuesday (May 5) seemed to suggest he was emerging victorious in the bidding war.

Check out Snoop’s Instagram post below:


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Snoop Dogg has long been a supporter of the Los Angeles Kings. The 51-year-old once even joined up with the Kings’ play-by-play broadcast and read the team’s lineup for a game in previous seasons.

Tha Doggfather is also a die-hard NBA fan, and has often voiced his opinions about the Los Angeles Lakers specifically. During a conversation on The PivotPodcast earlier this month, Snoop argued that LeBron James is far from a Top 5 player to ever don the purple and gold while naming his favorite Laker players.

“Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — formerly known as Lou Alcindor until Malcolm got ahold of ’em. Magic ‘Earvin’ Johnson out of East Lansing. Do you understand me? Kobe ‘Jellybean’ Bryant. Oh lord, it’s finna get hard. Shaquille ‘The Real Deal’ O’Neal,” he said, listing off four of his favorite Lakers. “It ain’t none of them new guys. They ain’t done enough.”

In other news, Snoop Dogg recently revealed that he almost joined the U.S. Air Force before he pursued music.

For Memorial Day on May 29, the West Coast rap legend took to Instagram to pay tribute to all the troops, while explaining that he planned to sign up for the military when he was fresh out of highschool — but backed out at the last second.

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