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Snoop Dogg has revealed his brand new Jack In The Box “Munchie Meal,” but fans are asking one burning question that’s on everyone’s mind: does it have weed in it?

On Monday (June 12), the California-based national restaurant chain shared a comical video on Instagram featuring Jack In the Box’s mascot, Jack Box, and Snoop walking into the company’s offices wearing matching dark blue velour suits and carrying briefcases.

While Jack Box donned a gold necklace, Snoop Dogg rocked the iconic Death Row chain around his neck as his classic 1993 single, “Who Am I? What’s My Name,” soundtracked the clip.

When Jack Box opened his briefcase, he revealed the “Munchie Meal” will include a Spicy Sauced & Loaded Chicken Sando, one taco, Seasoned Curly Fries, and a large fountain drink. Snoop put the finishing touches on the meal by introducing the Baked Brownie.

Although the meal won’t be released until August 6, fans in the comments section couldn’t help but ask if the brownie is that kind of brownie, considering who’s representing it.

“Is the brownie infused?” one fan asked, while another commented: “Gotta love how snoop got the brownie, wouldn’t be surprised if it had a Lil something in it.”


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While Tha Doggfather is busy promoting another product bearing his name, he’s also been in a reflective mood of late. In a snippet of his new Audible audio book, From Tha Streets to the Suites, that surfaced earlier this week, Snoop admitted he was distraught when his 1993 hit “Gin and Juice” didn’t win a Grammy — but there was one person who was able to cheer him up.

“Queen Latifah approached me about that song,” he explained. “Me and her was nominated for a Grammy for [‘Gin and Juice’] against ‘U.N.I.T.Y.’ She won and I was hurt, but she was like, ‘N-gga, I love ‘Gin and Juice.’ That’s my favorite shit.’ So then I got unhurt fast.”

He added: “You know a muthafucka get hurt ’cause he lose and shit. But I’m like, ‘Damn, this is the Queen, n-gga. Bow down.’ This is the muthafuckin’ queen, and she told me that. She said, ‘But I love ‘Gin and Juice,’ that’s my favorite shit.’ So I was like, ‘You know what? I can take that L.’”

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg and longtime collaborator Dr. Dre continue to tease their eagerly anticipated new album Missionary. Taking to Instagram last week, Snoop shared a photo of Dre sat behind the boards, coffee in hand, as he reflectively chips away on some new tunes.

While a release date remains elusive, Snoop confirmed in the caption that fans will soon get their hands on some new music from the West Coast legends, writing: “Coming soon.”

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