Snoop Dogg Is Definitely Back to Blazing After Smoke-Free Fakeout

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In case you missed it, Snoop Dogg‘s recent claim that he was giving up the ganja was a brilliantly executed product placement headfake. For proof look no further than his surprise pop-in at Wednesday night’s (Nov. 29) 37th annual FN Achievement Awards in New York. According to Footwear News, Snoop came to support his old pal Martha Stewart, who was on hand to present the Person of the Year award to Skechers president and co-founder Michael Greenberg.

While honoring Greenberg, Stewart’s speech was interrupted by the rapper. “He [Greenberg] continues to move the needle and set the bar sky high with every new collection, including my sketches collection, which is windows of all the sketches all over the world,” said Stewart.

Then Snoop appeared and asked his longtime friend and Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party co-host, “What about my collection?” in reference to his Snoop Dogg x Skechers Collection that dropped earlier this year. “I’m doing so well… I was thinking that maybe we should do a commercial for Super Bowls,” he added in reference to the Skechers ad the two did for this year’s Super Bowl.

While collecting his award, Greenberg made a joke about Snoop’s recent cryptic claim “I’ve decided to give up smoke.

“I have to say. You really, really concerned me when you were giving up smoking,” Greenberg said to the rapper with the legendary “smoke weed every day” public persona. “I thought you were going to be an emotional wreck that we would have to deal with that. Thank God, you’re still smoking!” Greenberg added.

The Doggfather confirmed that he was definitely back to bud. “I was smoking backstage too, by the way,” Snoop said.

Just days after suggesting he was suddenly smoke-free, Snoop revealed that the “smoke” part of his statement was a clue to his latest endorsement deal. “Go smokeless with Snoop Dogg,” read a headline on the website for the Solo Stove firepit company. The release unwrapped the brand’s limited-edition collab with Snoop, which includes a $350 “Snoop Stove” featuring the rapper’s logo, signature and a pair of dog paws emblazoned on the side, as well as a bucket hat and sticker pack.

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