Snoop Dogg, Crypto Expert? Rapper Claims to Run Popular NFT Twitter Account

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The person behind the NFT discussion account @CozomoMedici has been revealed, and it’s… Snoop Dogg?

“I am @CozomoMedici,” the rapper tweeted Monday (Sept. 20), just five minutes after the user behind the NFT account promised they would imminently reveal their identity.

I am @CozomoMedici

— Snoop Dogg (@SnoopDogg) September 20, 2021

“Shortly, as promised, I will dox from my personal account,” the tweet from @CozomoMedici read. “As my fame is considerable, the tweet will no doubt be discovered. Those who are curious to know my identity will soon know it.”

The owner of the @CozomoMedici account, which is only about a month old, had been promising to reveal themselves for several days before Snoop posted his tweet on Monday. It even ran a poll inviting followers to guess the owner’s identity, though interestingly, Snoop Dogg wasn’t one of the options listed.

Since launching in August, the account — named after famed Italian banker and patron of the arts Cosimo de’ Medici, whose portrait is prominently featured in @CozomoMedici’s background photo — had garnered significant interest due to its owner’s well-documented speculation in the NFT space. According to @CozomoMedici’s OpenSea account, they currently own over 140 NFTs, some of which were purchased for millions of dollars in the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Lending some credence to Snoop Dogg’s claim is the fact that many of the NFTs listed on OpenSea are cannabis-themed. Shortly after the rapper’s tweet was posted, @CozomoMedici purchased a pair of NFTs by the artist NyanDogg, one of which — a GIF of a cat smoking a joint and wearing what appears to be a giant marijuana leaf — now serves as Snoop Dogg’s Twitter avatar. Also notable is the fact that @CozomoMedici always signs off with a wine emoji — another passion of Snoop’s, who owns the wine company 19 Crimes.

There are other clues that point to Snoop being the true owner of the account. Earlier this month, singer Jason Derulo tweeted his thanks to @CozomoMedici for helping facilitate his purchase of the CryptoPunk NFT that now serves as his Twitter avatar. Though it’s unclear whether Derulo knew he was dealing with Snoop Dogg for the sale, it seems likely that he did given their past collaboration on Derulo’s hit 2014 single “Wiggle.” A subsequent tweet by @CozomoMedici, retweeted by Derulo, was written in a distinctly Snoop Dogg-esque flow: “On the shores of Lake Como. @jasonderulo and Cozomo. Better hide yo punks cause we no longer Ridin’ Solo.”

On the shores of Lake Como. @jasonderulo and Cozomo. Better hide yo punks cause we no longer Ridin’ Solo ⚔️~CdM

— Cozomo de’ Medici (@CozomoMedici) September 10, 2021

In March, Snoop Doog announced his first NFT collection, “A Journey with the Dogg,” on The eight-piece collection included “memories from his early years with art inspired by the NFT movement,” as well as an original track titled — you guessed it — “NFT.”

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