Snoop Dogg Corrects Outrageous Joints-Per-Day Claim: ‘Stop Lyin’

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If you recently read a headline quoting Snoop Dogg‘s professional joint roller claiming that the 51-year-old rap icon smokes up to 150 joints per day, take that news with a pinch of Sour Diesel. The quote from Snoop’s “professional blunt roller,” Renegade Piranha, had her saying that she rolls up about half a pound of sticky icky per day, which equals around 75-150 joints every 24 hours, or more than 450,000 to date.

Snoop has never been one to play down his love of the flower, but in a video posted on Sunday (No. 6) the “Smoke Weed Every Day” MC corrected the record… and not in the way you might expect. “B—h said I smoke 450,000 [joints on her watch]… B—h, this is all in a day’s work,” he said in an Instagram video entitled “Stop Lyin’” in which he pointed to a pile of a mere nine blunt roaches.

“Stop lyin’. How the f–k am I gonna smoke all that weed in one day?” he said. “What am I a f—in’ machine? B—h this is the roaches. See? Roaches.” He, of course, followed that video up with another one a short time later in which he’s cruising in his car while staring into the camera and puffing on a fat blunt while rocking a Death Row Records jacket and listening to Curtis Mayfield’s “Superfly.”

Snoop will need some extra lung capacity next month when he drops the latest from super-stacked California rap supergroup Mount Westmore, which also features such West Coast legends as Ice Cube, E-40 and Too $hort. The long-awaited debut is slated to drop on Dec. 9 and feature the just released bouncy single, “Too Big,” featuring P-Lo. The Bigg Dogg also recently revealed that he’s working on a sequel to his 1993 Dr. Dre-produced solo debut, Doggystyle, which he’s calling Missionary.

Check out Snoop’s smoke-and-tell below.


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