Smokepurpp Says Nicki Minaj Is “Buggin'” While Defending Travis Scott

2018-08-21T07:28:11+00:00August 21st, 2018|

THE GRAM – Nicki Minaj lit Twitter on fire on Sunday (August 19) when she blamed Kylie Jenner and Spotify for ASTROWORLD surpassing Queen to number one.

Nicki tweeted that Travis $cott landing at number one was due to his merch sales and the support of Jenner and not because of the actual sales of his album.

The tweets went on for a bit as she began to call out Billboard and Spotify for their lack of support.

Although Travis didn’t respond, Cactus Jack label signee, Smokepurpp stepped up to the plate.

The “Nephew” rapper hopped on Instagram Live and defended ASTROWORLD‘s numbers, “Nicki Minaj, you buggin’. You buggin’ by saying that Travis Scott is cheating because he’s selling clothes and stuff. It’s called marketing, my nigga. You’re doing the most first week, don’t hate on the next man.”

Purpp did express his support for Nicki’s music but not without defending the album sales system, “You said that Billboard was wrong. You probably got it delayed yourself. And it’s no disrespect, I fuck with you. I fuck with your music. You go crazy. But numbers do not lie. You know what I’m saying, numbers don’t lie. With that being said, Cactus Jack. Esskeetit.”

After receiving some backlash for her rant, Nicki promised fans that she was in a good place and it was all in good fun but that there would be more to tell on Queen Radio.

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