Shyne Welcomes Kanye West and J Prince To Belize

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Kanye West and J Prince have been spending a lot of time together since they met up back in November to get the process started on ending Ye’s feud with Drake. They went to Toronto together to visit the 6 God in his mansion last month, and they’re already in another country.

On Friday (December 31), the Honorable Shyne Barrow took to his Instagram with a series of photos showing him linking up with Kanye West and J Prince in his native Belize. The two were in town to visit the Rap-A-Lot Records CEO’s private island.

“So happy to welcome my brother Ye @kanyewest to BELIZE,” Shyne wrote in the caption of his post. “We’ve been talking for the last few months through our mutual brother Steven Victor @stevenvictor about Belize investments and real estate development. Everyone knows how much I do my best to market and promote Belize on the world stage so I can bring tourism and investment to our paradise.”


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He continued, “Thus I was extremely delighted yesterday when my big brother and mentor, Hip Hop Mogul James Prince @jprincerespect called me and told me he was on his way to Belize with Kanye. Kanye is the creative genius of geniuses and I’m beyond grateful that we were able to stand in the heavenly Belizean Ocean and talk about how he will use his genius to contribute to the development of Belize like never before.”

Shyne shared another clip of Kanye voicing his appreciation for Belize and mentioning he and J Prince have no problem returning to the country. According to TMZ, Ye has been in Belize since Wednesday.

“Yo, I love Belize,” Kanye West said in the clip. “I love Shyne; I’m so happy to be here. We’re going to be back. Love y’all.”


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Публикация от Hon. Shyne Barrow LOO 13 MP (@shyne_bz)

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