Saweetie Talks ‘Tap In,’ ‘Pretty B*tch Music’ & Shows Off Her Favorite Music Video Looks

2020-06-18T16:23:23+00:00June 18th, 2020|

Saweetie’s highly anticipated new project, Pretty B*tch Music, is on the way, and hours after she asked fans if she should drop her “Tap In” video, it arrived on Wednesday (June 17).

The ICY girl discussed her new project on Billboard’s “First Stream” IGTV series, getting candid with viewers while eating some lunch. “I’m really excited for this, because for all of my other projects, it was only like six or seven songs, but for this one, it’s like 15 and more,” she explained. “I feel like it’s just more personal, in the sense of, maybe I show my personality more. I’m more comfortable and you can hear it in my voice.”

For “Tap In” in particular, Saweetie says the music video “is a bomb.”

“There’s choreo, the looks are crazy. My glam is just real cute,” she noted.

The star then took us behind the scenes of a secret music video she was filming in a Los Angeles mansion, revealing that it will be dropping on her birthday (July 2). Dressed in a sleek white crop top, grey sweatpants and pink and blue slippers, Saweetie explained that for her everyday looks, “I like cute and I like comfy.”

That theme also transpired into her outfits for the video, the last of which featured Nike Air Jordan 1s, baggy jeans and a loose black graphic tee. “This is high school Saweetie. This is how I dressed in high school. Just super tomboy, baggy pants, baggy this. My kicks weren’t that good then, but you get the picture.”

And let’s not forget her iconic claw-like nails, which she opted for in a blinged-out fire engine red. “Your girl just really loves switching her nail color. A girl should always have options, especially when it comes to nails,” she proclaimed.

Watch the full “First Stream” clip below.

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