Rod Wave Hopes His Contemplative New Single Is ‘The Last Sad Song’

2020-04-21T18:14:26+00:00April 21st, 2020|

Rod Wave knows that maybe the sad days aren’t over, but he can definitely remain positive, because he’s overcome the hard times before.

That’s the theme of his contemplative new single, “The Last Sad Song,” which finds the artist reflecting on the challenges he rose above, and the people he has lost along the way.

“I was laying on my bed, finna write me a poem / And my phone started ringing, it was homie / And he told me if it ain’t killing you, it’s making you stronger / Stay far away from f— n—-s and the Corona, and I smiled / Yeah, I smiled, ’cause I been battlin’ these demons since I was a lil’ child / Time let ’em go, I just thought I’d let you know that my heart been broke,” he preaches, before a captivating hook in which he proclaims: “Between you and me / I was kinda hoping this could be the last sad song.”

Listen to the timely “The Last Sad Song” below and watch the video.

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