Roc Marciano Returns to Reclaim His Throne with New Album ‘Marciology’

2024-03-29T20:18:32+00:00March 29th, 2024|

Class is back in session with the underground king.

After nearly two years, Roc Marciano is back with his 11th solo LP Marciology. The project features Larry June, Crimeapple, T.F, Flee Lord, Jay Worthy, Grea8GAWD, and Knowledge the Pirate. While Animoss and Marciano himself handle the bulk of the production, The Alchemist returns for another production spin on “Bad Juju” with Larry June.

Yesterday, Marci dropped the video to the album’s lead single “Gold Crossbow.” The self-produced track features his signature intricate wordplay and gritty production as Marci talks like he has no contenders. He even channels the spirit of Max B on the hook as he sings, “N—as kidnap your girlfriend, money make the world spin, n—as ain’t gettin’ none of it” like a money-hungry crime boss. Marciano starts the second verse off talking about his new crossbow, spitting, “we can keep this between me and you or we can get medieval.”

The Long Island native has been plenty active in recent years, releasing the collaborative album The Elephant Man’s Bones with The Alchemist in 2022 and handling the production on Jay Worthy’s Nothing Bigger than the Program project that dropped last May. He’s now set to kick off a North American and European Tour where he’ll be hitting cities like L.A., San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Toronto, and Athens, Greece.

Once you’ve finished playing through Beyonce’s incredible Cowboy Carter, you can leave the rolling plains of the country and get your city slicker on with Marciano’s latest LP. Both he and Bey are outlaws with six shooters that don’t jam.

Stream the new album below:

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