RiFF RAFF Accused Of Sexual Misconduct By 2nd Woman

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A second woman has come forward accusing RiFF RAFF of sexual misconduct. Twenty-year-old Kelcey Doucette alleges the Houston rapper tried to force her into sex when she was just 17.

In a Facebook status posted Friday (June 1) — the same day Eliza Stafford accused RiFF RAFF of drugging and raping her in 2013 — Doucette said he made sexual advances toward her at the 2015 Warped Tour in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Doucette described meeting RiFF RAFF at a meet-and-greet where he asked if she was single. After exchanging phone numbers, she went to his tour bus and was told her male friends likely wouldn’t be allowed on the bus.

“He tells me to come lay down by him and I told him that I was fine, I’d rather stand where I was,” she wrote. “He then forcefully grabbed my arm and pulled me down on the bed with him. I immediately sat up and just leaned against the headboard because I was so freaked out.

“I tried to just continue the conversation, but he started feeling up my legs and asked me, ‘why didn’t you want to lay down with me? are you really single?’”

Doucette said she then asked if her male friends could come on the bus and he replied, “we’ll see.”

“[He] continued touching me all over my stomach, legs and breasts,” she continued. “Tried pushing his hands away multiple times and he kept asking me to have sex with him, if I was on birth control, why I didn’t want to sleep with him.”

From there, Doucette claims RiFF RAFF said, “come on, I’ll even let you have my baby” before she was finally able to flee the bus. After she posted about the alleged incident on Twitter, she said RiFF RAFF blocked her.

The 36-year-old has yet to respond publicly to Doucette or Stafford’s allegations.

Read Doucette’s full account above.

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