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Rick Ross wants to learn martial arts so he can “smack the shit” out of a black belt at any given moment.

On Monday (March 20), Rozay, armed with a blunt and low eyelids, went on his Instagram Stories and put out a call-to-action for any martial arts teachers who would be willing to teach him a few moves.

“I just made a decision: I want to study martial arts,” Rick Ross said. “So, I need a [Sensei], real master that could teach me martial arts. I’m talkin’ bout so if I ever come across a regular black belt or a triple times black belt, I could put one arm behind my back and still [smacking noises] smack the shit out you, you see?”

He continued: “So if you know a [Sensei] times 10 master, let em’ know. And let em’ know when he train me, I won’t take it easy on em’ [karate chop noise].”

Rick Ross went on to say that he wants to create his own style of martial arts and master the “two-inch punch,” which he called his “deadly move.”

Check out the clips below:

Within the last few days, Rick Ross has expressed that he wants to trade his microphone for nunchucks and neutralize his ongoing buffalo issue.

On Sunday (March 19), the MMG mogul responded to his neighbor regarding their beef over his herd of buffaloes roaming around in her yard.

“To everybody that’s wanting a statement or response for my bulls, my cows, couple buffaloes that got away in the community, this is my response,” Ross began. “I always return stray animals. Make sure you always keep a collar on your animals. Mine don’t have a collar cause’ you know, its mine so when you see my buffalo, give it a carrot. Give it a apple. They so kind, they so peaceful.”

He continued: “Thank everybody for watching. Thank everybody for making sure all of my animals got back into the Promise Land. We had some things we was doing on one side and they eased through a little cut, but all my neighbors, Fayetteville, Georgia, all the best, Boss.”

Rick Ross previously spent the majority of 2022 building out his “Promised Land Zoo” with the addition of exotic animals such as lions and lionesses.

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