Rick Ross Goes to Bathroom Mid-Interview and Then Bolts

2021-12-21T17:35:06+00:00December 21st, 2021|

The rapper dipped out about 35 minutes into his interview with the ’85 South Comedy Show.’

Rick Ross was deep into a discussion about his pre-fame days alphabetizing dope boys’ cassettes while working at a car wash, promoting his Rap Snacks and wine line and reminiscing about collaborating with Jay-Z and Kanye West on last week’s episode of the 85 South Comedy Show.

When the hosts asked him to pick which of his albums is his favorite, Ross expounded on the matter for a few minutes and then asked DJ Young Fly, Karlous Miller and Chico Bean if he could “use this restroom one time and take this jacket off.”

The legendary MC left the frame for a few minutes as the crew freestyled for two minutes, then four minutes and briefly appeared in the corner of the set before dipping entirely. A member of Rozay’s crew then walked on set to say that he’d left and informed the hosts that “something came up.”

“He had to dip?” DJ Young Fly asked the unidentified staffer, lamenting that they didn’t even “get no dap” before the Bawse bounced. “Now you see him, now you don’t,” Miller chuckled, as Bean added “he just came and left, man.”

“He’s in the van?” Young Fly asked, as a voice off camera informed the trio that Ross had already pulled out and was on his way to the airport due to a “rush, last minute” commitment. “The Phantom of the Opera,” Bean dubbed Ross after his ghost show. “How you gonna disappear on a n—a like that?” Young Fly wondered. Everyone had a pretty good laugh about it as they dug into some Rap Snacks, with Young Fly promising to bring it up the next time they chat with Ricky. A spokesperson for Ross had not returned a request for comment on the rapper’s leave-taking at press time.

“Why the f–k he didn’t say ‘bye?’ You can say ‘bye!’” Young Fly added, noting that he saw Ross leave, but just assumed he was stepping outside for some fresh air. “He went to the bathroom and changed his mind about all this s–t,” Bean chuckled. “S–t happens,” a chill Miller said while chomping on chips. “I’ll tell you what, from now on that’s how the f–k I’m leaving!”

No worries, though, after some more snacking the crew just kept it going, vamping and chopping it up for another 90 minutes.

Watch Ross split the scene around the 37-minute mark

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