Red Bull Music Explores Life Of Late Hip Hop Icon Rammellzee In New Doc

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NEW YORK, NY – Red Bull Music has released a new documentary about the late Hip Hop icon Rammellzee titled RAMMELLZEE: It’s Not Who But What.

Written and directed by Oscar Boyson, the short film tells the story of the New York City graffiti artist, rapper and visual artist who amassed a significant underground following in the ’70s and ’80s.

Along with archival footage of the artist and a robotic narrator explaining Rammellzee’s theory of Gothic Futurism — his personal dialect of Afro-Futurism — the film includes interviews with artists DELTA 2, Kool Koor, Toxic, Michael Holman, INK 76, singer/violinist Eszter Balint, and writers Carlo McCormick and Dave Tompkins.

The film was created in collaboration with the Red Bull Arts New York curatorial team behind the RAMMΣLLZΣΣ: Racing for Thunder exhibition and its release marked the close of Red Bull Music Festival New York 2018.

Rammellzee’s “Beat Bop” single featured the artwork of legendary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat and is considered one of the rarest vinyl albums in existence.

Only 500 copies were pressed in 1983 and an original copy can fetch up to $1,500, according to Get On Down Records.

Rammellzee passed away in 2010 at the age of 49. His official cause of death was heart disease.

The RAMMΣLLZΣΣ: Racing for Thunder exhibition wraps up on August 26 at Red Bull Arts in New York City.

Check out some of the photos below.

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