Rapper Who Used Capitol Insurrection For Album Cover Art Recommended For One Of The Longer Sentences

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Rapper Antionne “Bugzie the Don” Brodnax sat boldly in front of the U.S. Capitol building as the historic insurrection unfolded around him last January 6. Seizing the opportunity, the Virginia native took a photo he later used as the cover art for one of his albums. But now that’s going to cost him. According to WUSA9, The Justice Department wants Brodnax to serve 21 months behind bars for participating in the melee.

As reporter Jordan Fischer explained in a tweet, “The DOJ filed its sentencing memo for Antionne ‘Bugzie the Don’ Brodnax (formerly of Virginia). Brodnax pleaded guilty in October to 4 courts without a plea agreement in place. DOJ wants 21 months because he was probation.”

He added, “DOJ, asking for 21 months for Antionne ‘Bugzie the Don’ Brodnax, says the sentence is warranted by his extensive criminal history. He was on probation for a felony conviction when he entered the Capitol on January 6.”

Hundreds of Donald Trump supporters were easily able to breach security at the U.S. Capitol last January, leading many conspiracy theorists to surmise it was an inside job. One Trump supporter identified as Ashli Babbitt was shot and killed by one of the Capitol police officers who confronted rioters as they entered the building. Their intention was reportedly to halt the electoral vote count to prevent President-elect Joe Biden from officially being declared the 46th President of the United States.

Their efforts were all in vain and Congress certified Joe Biden’s win just a day later once Congress were able to return to their duties. A recent article from Insider states 769 people have already been charged relating to the insurrection, but only 202 federally charged rioters have entered guilty pleas.

Mary Maguire, Brodnax’s attorney, said in her sentencing memo last month her client “should only be facing an advisory sentence of two-to-eight months.” Maguire believes additional probation and two months of home detention (if necessary) would suffice.

Maguire described Brodnax as an entrepreneur and a “great community asset” who currently works in Georgia at a high-pressure processing plant. Maguire also praised Brodnax for immediately cooperating with the FBI when agents contacted him. U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman is scheduled to sentence Brodnax on February 23.

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