Rapper Bradley Davis Suing Nipsey Hussle Estate For “Victory Lap” Royalties

2019-09-12T08:18:30+00:00September 12th, 2019|

Nipsey Hussle’s estate has been sued by a rapper who claims he contributed to the late artist’s Victory Lap album. According to TMZ and The Blast, Bradley Davis is seeking royalties for his alleged involvement in the LP’s “Rap Niggas” single.

Davis says he and two other writers, Johnathan Nezey and Daruis Martin, wrote music in 2013 that was used in Nipsey’s “Rap Niggas.” The plaintiff contends Nipsey never got permission to use the trio’s work and insists they were never paid any royalties.

Nipsey and the song’s producers DJ Khalil, Rance and Mike & Keys are the only writers listed in the credits for “Rap Niggas.”

According to the lawsuit, Davis copyrighted his music in December 2017. This was the same month Nipsey originally released the “Rap Niggas” single, which ended up appearing on 2018’s Victory Lap.

In Davis’ creditor’s claim against Nipsey’s estate, he reportedly says Nezey and Martin “contractually granted [him] equitable entitlement to royalties as joint authors of ‘Rap Niggas.’”

The plaintiff hasn’t requested a specific amount of money from the estate, whose executor is Nipsey’s brother Samiel Asghedom a.k.a. Blacc Sam. Davis believes he’s entitled to some compensation though and is seeking an accounting of how much money the Victory Lap album has generated to determine his demands.

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