R. Kelly’s Girlfriends Deny Being Evicted From Trump Tower

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Chicago, IL – Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, the girlfriends (or alleged sex slaves) of R. Kelly, are disputing reports they’ve been kicked out of Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago following his recent arrest.

The two have released a video denying they’ve been evicted due to feds seizing control of Kelly’s apartment.

“We actually just read an article saying that we were evicted from the Trump and saying that we were under emergency living and all kinds of stuff like that,” Clary said in the clip. “We just wanted to let you guys know that is not true. We are here. We are at the Trump.”

Clary’s message may fall line with her parents’ comments to TMZ, which asserted she and Savage were staying in one of Kelly’s two units at Trump Tower. They claimed the apartment is in Clary’s name, which is why it wasn’t affected by the feds’ raid. But Kelly’s lawyer Steve Greenberg told USA Today the women simply left his condo temporarily while law enforcement executed a search warrant on the embattled singer’s residence.

“The girls are back in their home which is the condo,” he said.

Gerald Griggs, the attorney for Savage’s parents, previously said they didn’t know where their daughter was and feared she may participate in a suicide pact with Clary. He told USA Today the family is “currently in third party communication with Joycelyn Savage and would be open to speaking directly to her or a personal representative.”

In the video, Clary referenced how Savage’s parents are “all over social media.” Savage added, “They know where I’m at,” before Clary resumed speaking and refuted allegations of being held against their will.

“We move freely, we come and go freely,” she said. “We actually just stepped out this morning. Nobody said anything to us. No one stopped us. No one harassed us or anything like that. So, we just wanted to clear that up and let you guys know that is fake news and do not believe everything that you hear.”

Clary closed out the message by thanking Kelly’s fans for their support amid his legal troubles. The controversial artist was arrested on federal sex crime charges with indictments in Illinois and New York.

Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary, R. Kelly’s girlfriends or alleged sex slaves (depending on who you ask), are dealing with the fallout of the controversial singer’s recent arrest. According to The Blast, both women have been kicked out of Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago after the feds seized control of the apartment.

Gerald Griggs, the attorney for Savage’s parents, told TMZ he believes the women are now staying with members of Kelly’s team at an undisclosed location in Chicago. He claims the family’s attempts to locate them have been “futile,” but The Blast reports Savage’s mother Jonjelyn has discovered where her daughter is staying and is attempting to arrange a meeting.

Savage’s parents fear she and Clary may go through with an alleged suicide pact that prompted police to perform a wellness check at their Trump Tower residence earlier this year. Cops responded to an emergency call in March but determined it wasn’t “a bonafide incident.”

Clary’s parents have painted a different picture though, saying they know their daughter is staying in another apartment in Trump Tower. They claim it’s one of Kelly’s two units but was in Clary’s name, so it was left untouched by the feds’ raid. They also don’t think their daughter and Savage have a suicide pact.

Kelly was arrested last Thursday (July 11) on federal sex crime charges, including child pornography. He is facing two separate federal grand jury indictments in Illinois and New York.

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