Polish Celebrity Wears Blackface To Impersonate Drake On TV Talent Show

2018-11-05T16:26:15+00:00November 5th, 2018|

POLAND – The plague of people wearing blackface continues. The latest culprit is a Polish celebrity named Bogumił “Boogie” Romanowski, who put on the offensive makeup to impersonate Drake on the television show Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo.

Reddit user dastez00 brought attention to the clip after seeing it play out on TV. The video features Romanowski in blackface performing Drake’s hit single “Hotline Bling.”

Romanowski, a member of the band Lobuzy, is a cast member on the 10th season of Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo. The talent show features celebrities impersonating singers to win 10,000 złoty (the currency of Poland) for charity.

Judges on the show appeared to have no issue with the use of blackface since Romanowski’s Drake impersonation won the episode. Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo and Lobuzy have also been posting multiple pictures of him in the makeup on their respective Instagram accounts.

View the images and get a look at Romanowski without blackface below.

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