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Plies isn’t one to mince words, and he’s reacted to Brittany Renner revealing her body count when it comes to sexual partners.

Renner joined Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast earlier this week, where she admitted to having slept with 35 men throughout her life, which sent the NFL Hall-of-Famer into a state of shock.

“I’ve had sex with 35 guys,” she candidly revealed. “If I’m judged for having great taste…!”

Making for a viral social media moment, Sharpe threw back a few shots of alcohol and even offered his production crew members a strong drink.

“Oh lord,” Sharpe gasped. “Anybody else need a shot of this? We are in a bar so help yourself. We got this for the next hour.”

After catching wind of the clip, Plies downplayed Brittany Renner’s figure, comparing it to a gas tank with plenty of mileage left.

“35 Ain’t That Many!! That’s Like $35 Worth Of Gas Bih!! That’s Just A 1/4 Tank Of Gas!!!! Shiiiddddd U Got A lot Left!!!!!! 35 That’s A In The Middle Number!! That Like Being 35 Years Old! U In Your Prime Bih,” he wrote on Twitter on Wednesday (September 27).

Plies has never been shy when it comes to giving his opinion on the opposite sex, whether it’s wooing Britney Spears or weighing in on new trends.

Earlier this month, the Florida rapper revealed he’s not into women who choose to wear expensive clothes as he favors “originality.”

“I’m Not Into Women Who Wear Expensive Clothes (It’s Nothing Personal A lot Of Women Look Good In Dem). I Just Admire Women Who Can Make Simplicity Look GREAT!!!!,” Plies expressed on Twitter. “Originality Is Just A Turn On To Me!!!”

Many female followers celebrated him for his opinion, especially given that he’s been a fixture in Hip Hop and social media culture for over 10 years and likely could have any woman he wants.

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