Phora Reveals His ‘Love Always Wins’ Playlist Featuring 2Pac, G-Unit and More

2021-02-16T12:31:42+00:00February 16th, 2021|

Despite Valentine’s Day being over, the love-fest isn’t for West Coast rapper, Phora. After releasing his surprise album heartbreak hotel last Friday (Feb. 12), he looks to inject romance and passion beyond the February holiday.

“Valentine’s Day is always interesting for me. I usually end up staying busy with work on that day, or if I’m in a relationship or talking to someone, I’ll do my best to free up my schedule and do something cool for that person,” he says.

“I feel like it’s a day I show appreciation to the women I love. I’ll send flowers to my mother and little sister to remind them I love them as I hardly see them. Valentine’s Day is cool. It’s good to have a day dedicated to love and not forget love should always be shown throughout. No matter the day.”

In honor of Valentine’s Day and the long weekend, Phora doles out his “Love Always Wins” Playlist. Check it below.

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