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Peter Rosenberg seems to have a zero-tolerance policy for those who dismiss Hip Hop without recognizing its gravitas, and he put this on full display during a heated exchange with a radio caller.

On Monday (July 3), the Maryland native was live on the Michael Kay Show when a caller named Greg dialed in to express his discontent with a minor detail that wasn’t even at the forefront of the show.

“I see this picture of Method Man in the background,” he said, referencing a poster of the Wu-Tang Clan legend behind Rosenberg, who was video calling into the show’s live broadcast. “What’s that got to do with sports radio?”

Though he did briefly mention a baseball-related reason for calling in, Greg remained fixated on the veteran rapper having a place on camera at all.

“It just bothers me,” Greg answered when the Hot 97 host asked why he was so upset by it. “You know his arrest record? I’m here for sports information.”

The moment the caller referred to Meth as a “thug,” Rosenberg went off on him, saying: “Greg, shut your mouth. Shut your stupid, ignorant mouth. You know nothing about Method Man. He’s a thug? Shut your stupid, racist mouth, Greg. How about that? Shut up. No more for you, Greg.”

He continued: “Anyone who would look at a picture of Method Man and be offended, when you look up what he’s contributed to the world and you wanna call him a thug, you’re a racist piece of garbage.”

Soon after, a social media user tweeted at the WWE commentator, asking: “The guy was an idiot. But just because he doesn’t like method Man Doesn’t make someone A racist Why do people throw that word out so quickly.”

Rosenberg responded: “he was offended so much by Method Man being my background that he could not talk about anything else…then he brought up a criminal record and called him a thug … im done playing games with these people … thats a racist .. lets accept it and move on.”

He later asked if anyone had a recording of his on-air confrontation, and retweeted the clip when a follower shared it in the comments. Watch it below:

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