Offset’s Alleged Mistress Summer Bunni Begs For Cardi B’s Forgiveness

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Shortly after the news broke that Cardi B and Offset had (allegedly?) broken up, a woman named Summer Bunni is taking responsibility for the dissolution of their relationship. In a video obtained by TMZ, Summer pleads for forgiveness through her tears and claims she hasn’t hooked up with the Migos rapper since Kulture was born in July.

“I have not messed with Offset since he had his baby,” she says. “I didn’t know how serious this marriage was. Um, I kinda read or kinda see things. It took until today to actually get into seeing everything. A lot of girls would just deal with this situation and be like, ‘Yo, like I took Cardi B’s nigga’ or ‘I’m the reason they getting a divorce.’ I feel ashamed.

“To Cardi B, to her fans and to her family and to her situation, these were never my intentions. I never wanted to break up a happy home. Or to cause anyone to say just, ‘Fuck it’ to get a divorce. No, I have not spoken to Cardi B. I would like her to know I am a very genuine person. I’m not here to break up her family or mess up what she has going on with her husband.

She adds, “I’m very sorry that this happened. I’m very sorry I didn’t think of my worth as a young lady. I just hope she can overcome this. I know she and Offset do have love for each other. I can tell. With this, I hope she can focus on her love for Offset.”

At this point, the timing of the rap couple’s relationship drama is bordering on suspicious. Offset is dropping his debut solo album on December 14 and as of last week, the pair seemed like they were on track. On November 28, they were photographed cuddling up to each other as they watched the Atlanta Hawks play the Boston Celtics.

Whatever the case, Nicki Minaj fans believe Black Barbie is secretly thrilled Cardi’s personal life is seemingly in turmoil. Meanwhile, Cardi just shared the first photo of Kulture on Instagram. Only time will tell if Cardi will weigh in on this latest chapter in the couple’s ongoing saga.

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