Offset Showers Cardi B With Flowers, Chanel Bags For Valentine’s Day: ‘You Really Love Me!’

2022-02-14T19:51:07+00:00February 14th, 2022|

Offset said it with roses on Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14). Like, a ton of them. But also bags. The Migos rapper surprised wife Cardi B with an ostentatious floral display to cap off a weekend that included attendance at Sunday’s Super Bowl LVI, where the couple had some pretty sweet end zone seats affording them a good view of the all-star halftime show.

But it was when they got home that things really took a romantic turn, with Offset arranging for an over-the-top display for his No. 1 that included a rose petal path leading up to an enormous heart made out of more roses, as well as a splash pool filled with even more petals. “You really love me!!!!” Cardi screamed as she did a twirl and then went inside where she exclaimed “This is too much! I don’t deserve this” as she walked through room-upon-room packed with outrageous flower arrangements and burning candles.

It was all chronicled on Offset’s Instagram Story, where Cardi was caught walking through the petal forest as she said she was overwhelmed by feelings both happy and sad. There were only tears of joy, though, when she busted open a series of boxes containing a trio of Chanel bags he picked up in Dubai. The rapper also showed off a long table filled with heaps of catered food, and then, wouldn’t you know it, yet another Chanel bag.

He wasn’t done yet, either. When she opened another box with a bag, Cardi yelped, “this b–ch is bad!” before doing another twirl and strut with her hot pink purse, only to go back outside and open a box with the biggest bag of all. The bag-alanch came after the couple cemented their love by having their wedding date tattooed on each other’s hands for Friday’s episode of Cardi Tries. “Who does Valentines Day better than us??” she teased about the episode of her Facebook series.

The couple — who share daughter Kulture, as well as a son, whose name they have not yet revealed — are going on five years of marriage, as confirmed by their romantic choice in matching tattoos: their wedding date, 9/20/17.

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