Offset Explains Why It’s ‘Getting Harder and Harder’ to Give Cardi B Gifts

2022-09-16T18:21:06+00:00September 16th, 2022|

Turns out, celebrity couples really are just like everyone else. In a recent interview, Offset opened up about how he’s having trouble topping himself when it comes to giving gifts to his wife, fellow rap star Cardi B, just like husbands all across the world. Only difference is, he’s in the market for a gift on par with a luxury mega-mansion, not a new pajama set.

“These are the hard times,” he joked to E! News. “First off, she has everything. Second off, she doesn’t want anything. Third off, I’m gonna get her something because she deserves it. It’s getting harder and harder.”

Cardi’s 30th birthday Oct. 11 is a little under one month away, so the clock is definitely ticking on Offset’s search for a worthy present. Last year, he gifted the “WAP” rapper with a sweeping mansion in the Dominican Republic — so the bar is pretty high.

“I’m trying to move her towards gifts — that’s why I bought her a home last year because they mean more or last more and it’s a great investment,” the “54321” rapper continued. “Made a lot of money from the houses we’ve got now, and it’s like, I’m trying to stay at that angle. But it’s hard. Like for Christmas, we buy the kids and family stuff — we don’t always get on each other.”

And while it might be a bit of a struggle to find gifts for Cardi, Offset recently explained during an appearance on The Tonight Show that the couple have no issue when it comes to showering their children — 4-year-old Kulture and 1-year-old Wave — with over-the-top celebrations.

“We do it big for our kids,” he told Jimmy Fallon after sharing a video of Wave on his recent first birthday driving a new miniature car at his lavish birthday party. “We love our kids. At the end of the day, we went through life and we didn’t have the opportunities.”

“I bet if my mama had the chance, she would have went all out and did what she wanted to do for me,” he added. “So I’m just lending it to my kids. Just letting them see they can have another life too, you know? We work hard to do that.”

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