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Offset was able to avoid a potential fight with his wife Cardi B by surprising her a romantic gift on his way home.

Cardi took to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday (August 15) to speak on a recent incident involving her rap star husband, who was seen in the video sitting in the kitchen enjoying a meal.

The Bronx native went on to explain that the Migos hitmaker had asked her if she wanted him to grab her some “red snapper” on the way home, but she grew agitated when the hours came and went with no food.

“Two hours ago, Offset hit me up like, ‘Do you want red snapper?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah,’” Cardi began. “So I’m waiting on the food and then I start getting aggravated because I’m like, ‘How you gonna ask me if I want a red snapper?’ So I don’t order food. I don’t Uber Eats food because I’m waiting on his food.”

She continued: “So then I called him and I told him like, ‘If I knew you was gonna take two hours to get me food, you shouldn’t have even asked me if I wanted food; I would have just ordered it. But look what my baby was doing for me!’”

Cardi then pivoted the camera to show a brand new Gucci bag that Offset had bought her on his journey home.

“He got me this bag! I love you,” she exclaimed, to which ‘Set replied: “I love you too.”

Gift-giving has long been the love language for Cardi B and Offset. Back in 2021, the Father of 4 rapper gifted his wife a gorgeous mansion in the Dominican Republic for her 29th birthday.

“I done bought you everything, so this year I wanted to get you something for having my beautiful son,” he said while holding his wife’s hand. “So I bought you a house in the DR. Yessir, that’s how we coming, pool on the roof. God is good.”

For her hubby’s 30th birthday, Cardi returned the favor by blessing Set with a cool $2 million.

“I want to say happy muthafucking birthday to my sexy, big-dick husband Offset. That’s my muthafucking baby daddy y’all,” she said at her partner’s birthday party. “Babe, I feel like you have everything — you literally have every muthafucking car, you said you tired of jewelry. So I was like, What do I get somebody that gave me a muthafucking house?

“So I’m like, What do you like? Oh, that’s right — some shmoney gang! So babe, this is my birthday [gift] to you. I know you got a lot of business ventures coming in 2022, so let’s get it: bring out the birthday gift, muthafucka!” Cardi continued as she handed Offset the oversized check.

She then joked: “And all my friends, don’t ask me for money; I just gave this n-gga two million dollars.”

In other news, the married couple recently teamed up on Offset’s latest single “JEALOUSY,” which will appear on his upcoming solo album. He previously pushed the project back following the death of TakeOff last November.

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